Not my New Year’s Resolution

Writing this blog is not a New Year’s resolution because I started it before the new year. It is not a New Year’s resolution because I refuse to have this blog tumble into the dark and crowded abyss of other discarded and forgotten resolutions. This is not a New Year’s resolution– this is my fiercest attempt in years to write again.

Since my Peace Corps blog and a short stint writing for my dad’s Senate campaign, I haven’t done a very good job of doing what I love. That was three years ago. This will be my third time I have started a blog since then.The first attempt never even got the dignity of one single, poorly-written post. The second one got further than the first, with an About page and a couple of other blog posts recycled from old writing. I have been embarrassed to speak about those failed blogs until this post, and as I write now, I am still embarrassed. A failed blog means a lazy writer, or worse, an uninspired one, or dare I say it and worst of all, a person who would like to be a writer, but just never really had it in her.

I’m here writing this post, starting this blog, not as a new year’s resolution, but to tell myself and anyone else who happens to read this, that I refuse to let myself off that easily. I am going to write. I am going to write whether or not anyone reads it. I am going to write because I don’t want to wake up next week, next year, or in 80 years, and say, “Well damn, that could have been a good story. I wish I would have written it down.”

My friends used to say that I live for the story. I put myself in situations that are uncomfortable, terrifying, hilarious, and sometimes even dangerous (don’t worry Ingo, not anymore) so that I have an authentic story to tell. It’s still true today, it’s just that somewhere along the way, I stopped writing them down.

I’m probably still going to worry about the theme and flow of my blog, if people think I am self-important for writing a blog, whether I am technically savvy enough to create a good enough blog, if people will criticize my writing, and all the other things that have crossed my mind every time I give up, but I’ve decided to worry about them a lot less.

Some of the stories will emerge from the depths of my desktop folder to make their first online debut, but most will be brand new writing, whether from my current wanderings or a place I have wandered in the last three years. I have finally decided to give myself only one rule for this blog and that is to write.

To round out my first post on this site and the first blog post that has made it into the world in three years (HURRAY!), I hope that if you also feel like you have a story to tell (we all do) and you’ve been waiting for something to push you to write it, you might just start one too! Get that free wordpress site fired up and let’s do this. Start it now– because you know, then it’s not a new year’s resolution.

And finally to my friends who have read this far, I wouldn’t mind a little push towards accountability. If you feel so inclined, follow this blog and write me a cheeky little message if I don’t write every week. Either way, I hope to be here, writing all the stories.






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