Best of Peace Corps Senegal

I’ve had so much fun re-reading some of my old blog posts, which I have now compiled for you into the Best of Peace Corps Senegal blog. My nearly three years in this beautiful country is without a doubt one of the most transformative periods of my life. It provided me with invaluable insight, lessons that have set the foundation of my life, and taught me more than anything else, that the world is a very big place full of people so different, and yet so alike if we take the time to realize it.

It is very clear to see that I left the Peace Corps a more reflective, less naive, and more globally aware person. It would seem it really is true— life is a learning process and we will all probably look back at the younger versions of ourselves and laugh (and maybe sometimes grimace). I hope to continue laughing at the younger version of myself throughout every stage of life.

I’ve picked out 12 of my favorite blogs for you to peruse from my time in Senegal (2011-2014) to show you a little glimpse of one of my most wandered countries, a country forever in my heart, and one which will always feel a little bit like home.

A Wild Woman’s African Dream Come True, Nov. 23, 2011: The first impression in my new village.

The Bike Ride from Hell, Dec. 13, 2011: Hilarious now, terrifying then.

Chicken Victory, July. 18, 2012: A story of overcoming challenges and grabbing your life’s chicken.

A Closer Look at Life, July 31, 2012: Living in a Muslim country during Ramadan (first part of blog) and one of the hardest days I had while living in my village (second half of blog).

Rats, this is War! March 5, 2013. The title explains itself.

A Particularly Hot and Bothered Peace Corps Volunteer, April 10, 2013: An open letter to Banana Boat sunscreen, which reveals some of hot season’s greatest challenges.

The Road Home in Rainy Season, June 24, 2013: A peaceful post that takes me back down memory lane.

You are in my Heart, Sept. 15, 2013: Reflections on the two years in southern Senegal and saying goodbye to my village for the last time.

They Call Me Family, Oct. 9, 2013: Why I will always be so grateful I was placed with the Pulaars.

Wanna Feug Jaay? Mar. 24, 2014: One of the most unexpected reasons you HAVE to visit Senegal.

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